Every year in October and November, the United States through its DV Visa program selects 55,000 people across the globe to migrate to the States. Thousands of applications are received annually and around 100,000 people are selected to further processing, with a maximum of 55,000 receiving visas.

People advertise United States Diversity Visa Program registrations throughout the year. While some are fake, others are genuinely playing smart to have enough details collected ahead of the official registration dates. These people acting as agents collect personal details of people and store them until registration is opened.



They then proceed to register on behalf of the people and charge a ridiculous amount of money should they emerge winners. It is not advisable to engage such people in your DV registration as they withhold your confirmation and charge high fees before releasing them.

You can apply for DV 2023 from October 6, 2021, to November 9, 2021. The Kentucky Consular Center receives applications only through .

Is DV 2023 cancelled?

DV 2023 is not cancelled. The registration period of DV 2023 is October 6, 2021, to November 9, 2021. The results of DV 2023 will be released in the first week of May 2022. Selectees will not be scheduled for an interview until October 2022 and they will have up to September 2023 to obtain a visa.


DV 2023 officially ends on September 30, 2023.


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