Just as the name implies, the UK Passenger Locator Form is used to locate a passenger. The information that passengers provide on the form is used to trace and contact them should someone they traveled with to the UK later test positive for COVID-19 or develops symptoms. UK authorities also use the form to check if a passenger is following the quarantine rules that apply to them.

The passenger locator form can be submitted any time in the 48 hours before you arrive in the UK. You’ll need to show your form when you check in to travel or board your plane, train or ferry to the UK.


Once an account is created on the GOV.UK website and the Passenger Locator Form is completed, your details will be kept for 42 days then deleted, unless it’s needed for related work. Your account will be kept for up to 6 months from the date you last signed in. Your account and all the information stored in it will then be deleted after the 6 months of the last time you signed in.

In exception of persons who are traveling from one of Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and you were there for 10 days or more, and some few exempted jobs, everyone else is required to fill the UK Passenger Locator Form even if they are transiting through the UK.

The form is completed online and it’s free.


Before you complete the UK Passenger Locator Form

Before you complete the passenger locator form for the UK, make sure you have these details:

  • your passport details or the travel document you’ll use when you arrive at the UK border
  • your travel details, including times and dates
  • the address where you will stay in the UK (if applicable)
  • booking reference numbers for any COVID-19 tests you must take after arriving in the UK
  • the invoice number for your quarantine hotel booking if you need one
  • If you’re arriving in England and using Test to Release, you’ll also need the name of the test provider you booked with.

You can include multiple journeys in your form if you’ll enter the UK more than once in a 48-hour period.

When completing the UK Passenger Locator Form

Visit the UK Passenger Locator Form portal on the GOV.UK website and follow onscreen instructions to complete the form.


When completing the forms, make sure the information you have provided is accurate. It is a serious criminal offense to provide false or deliberately misleading information when filling out the passenger locator form. You could be fined, imprisoned in the UK, or both if you do not provide accurate details about the countries you have visited in the 10 days before you arrived in the UK.

After completing the UK passenger Locator Form

In case you did not finish completing the form, you can save it and return to it later. After completing the UK passenger locator form, you will receive a QR code via email. You can print this out or show it on your phone as proof of completion. If your travel plan changes, including the places you are staying, complete a new Passenger Locator Form.


Who is exempted?

Persons who are arriving from Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and were there for 10 days or more are exempted from filing the UK passenger locator form. Certain jobs that are exempted from UK immigration rules may not require to complete the form.

Passenger locator form UK pdf

The UK passenger locator form is not available in PDF. You can, however, save your completed form in PDF format on your mobile device to show at the airport or point of travel before boarding a plane, bus, or train to the UK.

Public health passenger locator form uk download

Instructions on how to complete the Public Health Passenger locator form for the UK can be downloaded online. You can download the instructions in a PDF format at Passenger Locator Form.

UK Passenger Locator Form Seat Number

A seat number is required when completing the passenger locator form. This will let authorities know if you or someone who sat closer to you test positive for COVID-19 or shows symptoms of COVID-19. To get your seat number, you first have to check in for your flight. If the airline requires that you complete the form before checking in, then you have to check-in online in order to obtain the seat number.

UK Passenger Locator Form Problems

What happens if you don’t fill in the passenger locator form?

If you don’t fill the passenger locator form, airlines, buses, and trains will not carry you to the UK. If you manage to find yourself in the UK, you can be fined, imprisoned, or both.

Can you fill in the passenger locator form at the airport?

Yes, you can fill the passenger locator form at the airport. If you intend to fill at the airport, make sure your mobile device has internet access or there is an internet facility at the airport since the form is filled online. Some passengers may want to obtain their seat numbers before filling the form so it’s okay to fill it at the airport.

Do you have to print out your passenger locator form?

Yes and No. it all depends on you. You may want to save the environment but showing the passenger locator form on your phone or any other mobile device at the airport. If you insist on printing, you can also do so. Just make sure your mobile device has enough battery power if you intend not to print.

Can I complete the passenger locator form for someone else?

Yes, you can complete the passenger locator form for someone else. Make sure you have their consent and that you have obtained accurate details from them before completing the form. Providing false information will put the passenger in trouble when they arrive in the Uk.

Do I need a passenger locator form to return to UK from Ireland?

You do not need a passenger locator form to return to the UK from Ireland if you stayed in Ireland for 10 days or more.

How do I show my passenger locator form?

You can show your passenger locator form on your phone, other mobile devices, or a printout.

Does each passenger need a PLF?

Yes, each passenger traveling to the UK needs a PLF.

UK passenger locator form sample

PLF sample


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