The US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan is the diplomatic representation of the United States in Afghanistan. The embassy protects the interests of the United States in Afghanistan, protects and provides support for Americans in Afghanistan, and issues visas to Afghans and legal residents of Afghanistan travelling to the US.

As the official representation of the United States, the American Embassy covers all matters concerning diplomatic relations between the two countries. It represents the US’s interests in the areas of political, economic, financial and legal affairs, as well as science, education and culture.


Advertisement publishes and updates the contact details of the Embassy of the United States in Afghanistan; location and directions, telephone numbers, fax numbers, address, email addresses, postal address, head of mission, ambassador and consular information.

U.S Embassy In Afghanistan


Great Massoud Road, Wazir Akbar Khan, Kabul, Afghanistan


(+93) 700-10-8000


(+93) 700-10-8001


Consular Section


(+93) 700-10-8000




  1. My name is noorullah I am a doctor me and my family are in high risk. We want to leave Afghanistan please help us. 0093 787474074

  2. My name is Saleem Khan. I am a soldier in Kandahar province but now my life is in danger I need help me plz

  3. سلام مه هجران استم ولایت پنجشیر وه‌ فیلعن ترکیه استم از فامیل گم شودم سن 18 میشه مره کومک کنن‌ لطفت

  4. Hi my name is obaid and my father name is mirwais
    I live in Afghanistan u know that terrorist come in Afghanistan and I am not save here also my family
    I worked in a hospital and I studied computer science in rana university
    I hope u help me I am not save here because Taliban warning me that killed me In my job

  5. Hello
    I am obaid ullah from Afghanistan with the age of 14 years and I am studying here , but I can not live here more because of situation is going so bad and I can not study here so please help to reach there. I want to continue my study there. Hope will give me reply soon


  6. I’m Haseeb Safa
    I’m a student
    I’m pleased to send you msg for help,
    I received my name in U.S lottery program since last lottery’s U.S.A process in 2021 .
    Additionally, i have completed much more processes of this program.
    It’s feeling danger now a days so if you could help me for this bad situation in my country( Afghanistan) it will be not far away from your kindness.
    Thanks from your time and consideration.

  7. Hello I am Saira Nawabi grand daughter of Ghulam Rabani And Bibi Khorshid And nephew of Mohammad Ibrahim there case have been started since 2015 in 2018 even they gave interviwe but they havent gotten any news plz give me any news about the case.Kindly

  8. Hello to the hospitabale office!
    I’m Kamila my mothernal uncle was a security gaurd with the Americans in Kunduz and now thier situation is not good. So he skipt from there to Kabul and it’s a long time he can’t go to show his docs inside the airport, please please and help us we all will be killed here.

  9. Hi my name yousef dowrani we are 4person in family we are have case to American Embassy need the help people afghan and American force army’s and people afghan to seved to the President of American
    We are look the news to the people of Afghanistan in American city have lived the are syed we are the people of Afghanistan
    And we are live in dangerous in Afghanistan to the role of talaban tanks

  10. Hi This is Abdul Salim Wahidi am a security guard of us embassy in Afghanistan but unfortunately you all have gone and my responsibility was to protect and save the USA diplomats personal and properties in Kabul but now am alone with my family in danger and threatened please help help help me to get out of here as soon as possible

  11. greetings
    My name is matin iam from Afghanistan
    I lost my family due to the civil war and now I live only in Afghanistan. I am now asking the US government to send me an immigrant visa. Please.

  12. Salaam dear I was work with USA Embassy in Kabul AFGHANISTAN in Afghanistan police sports project I was teach Ashihara karate to Nangrahar police for two years dear now I’m and my family members in Bigg problem in Afghanistan we are needing HR Recommendation letter so we are gets SIV visas and outta from Afghanistan please help me
    Thank you very much

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