Djibouti Visa Online: Djibouti eVisa Application For Ghanaians

Ghanaians travelling to Djibouti are to apply for an eVisa. Djibouti has a very simple eVisa application process and if all information and documents are available, the entire online process should not exceed 15 minutes. You can apply for a Djibouti eVisa at least 72 hours before your trip. However, it is advisable to apply at least one week before your trip and take into account the weekend days in the Republic of Djibouti (Friday and Saturday).

The validity period of your eVisa begins on the date you specified in your application. You may enter the Republic of Djibouti on any date within this validity period.

Requirement for Djibouti eVisa application

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months
  • A flight reservation (or any other possible means of transport)
  • An accommodation address (Hotel or at your host’s)
  • An invitation letter (organisation or host with their contacts), if applicable
  • Credit card (visa, Mastercard or American Express) to make payment.

Djibouti eVisa application process

  • Visit the Djibouti eVisa portal at and click on I wish to make a new request.
  • On the new page, hit CONTINUE.
  • Fill in your Passport and travel details.
  • Fill in your Personal Information.
  • Upload your documents. The maximum size of each document is 1MB. Accepted file extensions are JPG, PNG and PDF. The passport copy should be in either JPG or PNG.
  • Review and confirm they are okay. Proceed to make payment.
  • Complete Payment
  • Confirmation of successful application shows up. Print for your records and follow up. Visa is emailed to you once it’s ready.

Djibouti Visa fee

  • 1 to 14 days: $12
  • Beyond 15 days: $23

NOTE: The fee is quoted in USD but shows EUR on the payment page for the same values. This means that you are paying more in USD than the mentioned fees.

Important things to note when applying for Djibouti evisa

  • The Visa fee is non-refundable even if the application is denied.
  • Constantly check your email address and the spam folder as the immigration department could ask for additional documents or email you the eVisa when it’s ready.

How long can a Ghanaian stay in Djibouti with eVisa?

You can stay in the Republic of Djibouti according to the period indicated on your visa. If you wish to stay more than your eVisa allows, you must apply to the local police services for a permit to stay. Note that the eVisa is issued for tourism and commercial purposes only. The application for other types of visa (work visa, visa student etc.) must be done through Djiboutian embassies and consulates. If you exceed the duration of your visa, you may be required to pay a fine and face deportation or a travel ban to the Republic of Djibouti for a period of time.

Other Immigration requirements when travelling to Djibouti

Return or Onward Ticket

Ghanaians travelling to Djibouti must hold a return or onward ticket. Persons holding one-way tickets may be denied entry unless they hold a visa that permits them to stay permanently.


Travellers should carry cash enough to cover their stay in the country. The amount of money you are to carry depends on the cost of living of the country you are visiting. A budget of $50 – $100 daily is recommended.


Immigration officers may want to know where you intend to stay. You may be required to provide addresses and telephone numbers of all the places you would be staying.

Tourist Voucher

Holding a tourist voucher or confirmation of tour package booked is a requirement and facilitates entry into a country upon arrival at the border. If you are visiting a friend or relative, a letter of invitation containing their address and telephone numbers is required instead.

The International Certificate of Vaccination

Ghanaians are required to carry The International Certificate of Vaccination, otherwise known as Yellow Card, when travelling. Ghana is among the countries at risk of Yellow fever transmission and as such a certificate to show a vaccination against the disease is required by Ghanaians.

Check Period of stay permitted

Taking note of the period of stay allowed as mentioned above is very important. The period of stay permitted could be different from what the immigration officer granted you. Crosscheck your visa to see the maximum number of stay indicated on it. Staying beyond the period indicated on your visa is illegal and considered overstay. Persons who overstay their visas may be prosecuted, fined, and/or forcibly removed.

Flights from Ghana to Djibouti

Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and Qatar Airways.


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