Airbnb is an online platform where people who rent out their homes for a certain period are linked with people looking for accommodation. It provides a marketplace for vacation rentals, homestays, lodging and tourism activities. It is originally based in San Francisco, California.

Airbnb is available in over 220 countries and covers more than 100,000 cities globally. But Airbnb is not without its issues. And you may be looking for cheaper alternatives. You can consider these options for rental properties.



  1. VRBO: Known in full as Vacation Rentals by Owner, it has become a leading option to Airbnb. This is because aside from hosted rentals, it also focuses on un-hosted rentals. So, you get the whole place to yourself. VRBO has over two million properties in about two hundred countries.
  2. Kid&Coe:  This is perfect for families as Kid&Coe has children-friendly facilities in a lot of the world’s most visited cities. Thus, time is saved scouting for children-friendly vacation rental.
  3. 9Flats: The special thing about 9flats is that the listings are hosted by the property owner. So if you want any information, you can get it directly from your host. Also, you can decide to pay in cash on arrival. That is if the host has activated that option. If he/she has, you only have to pay a small deposit on the site.
  4. HomeAway: HomeAway is also one of Airbnb’s competitors because they also offer a wide range of property rentals. Like Airbnb, you can book properties without waiting on the host’s confirmation. However, HomeAway also offers cheaper services compared to Airbnb. Airbnb’s service fee charges 20% whiles HomeAway’s is from 6 to 12%. This, therefore, means you pay lower prices.


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